Strong social media presence will attract more potential buyers for your property!


How many buyers do you need to sell a home? 


My goal is to get YOU top dollar for your home. To do that we want to create as much buzz as possible about your property from the moment we list it. 


How do we accomplish that? By reaching as many potential buyers as possible in an effort to generate multiple offers for your home. A real estate transaction is a negotiation between buyer and seller and, in a free market, more offers will liekly lead to a higher sales price for your property. 


Yes, I'll list your home on the MLS, which will aggregate to popular sites like Realtor and Zillow. Yes, I’ll stick a for-sale sign in your yard. But I won't stop there to market your home to buyers. 


I will fully, and aggressively, market your home on social media, in addition to using direct contact techniques to notify buyers home-seeking in your area. From the moment you list your home with me, I will begin a multi-faceted marketing campaign to reach a wide array of potential buyers. With thousands of followers on Twitter, I can help you reach more buyers using their highly trafficicked mobile platform. I’ll also create buzz about your home on Facebook, Instagram and, providing even more marketing exposure for your home with potential buyers. 


Marketing your home is the primary job of your agent …. Call me today to see how we can bring more buyers to the table using our social media resources to market your property to the widest possible array of buyers.  


Mike Hughes


United Real Estate Louisville



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